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Olha Ali A Lua...Caiu Lá do Céu

There Osmari Bagatini

Editora Mais Que Palavras

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Descrição completa da obra

Look at the moon right there, joking and enchanting CHILDREN, younglings and even adults. In this book there is a funny story of dreams and mysteries. Reading or listening to it by yourself (but much better with the help of an adult!), children will feel invited to enter the universe of playing and experimenting, seeking answers to the elements of nature. This is a true invitation to the exchange of ideas and new discoveries, such as those of science!


Autor(a): There Osmari Bagatini

Informações Técnicas

Autor(a): There Osmari Bagatini

Título: Olha Ali A Lua...Caiu Lá do Céu

Subtítulo: Look At The Moon Right There...It Has Fallen From The Sky

ISBN: 978-85-65558-16-7

Páginas: 19

Edição: 1

Tipo de capa: Brochura

Editora: Editora Mais Que Palavras

Ano: 2017

Assunto: Bilingue

Idioma: Português

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